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What a ride it's been!

Pretty sure this is the last ride for me on covering Duke Basketball games (this season) and what a ride it has been! What a way to end it on an epic battle seeing Duke get the win over another Blue Blood in Michigan State to advance to the Sweet 16 in Coach K's final season.

I was blessed to cover 15 games in Coach K's final season for Duke Report. 11 at Cameron, the win at Unc in Chapel Hill, the win at Virginia in Charlottesville, and 2 NCAA Tournament wins in Greenville, SC.

What a ride it's been. Thanks for following us at Duke Report on Twitter @DukeReport and well as at my Twitter handle @Skeelow22 over this season.

Thanks for stopping by to check out this blog. It was a project I had been wanting to start and now I got it up and moving. Look for more content here in the near future.

See you soon.

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