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Step Back From The Ledge Duke Fans

The way I see it is if you're going to ride this wave of being a Duke fan... you need to ride it in the good times and bad times.

It does the mind good to stay off Twitter (or any social media) at times especially after a loss.

Duke went 1 - 1 in its first of three Saturday - Monday sets beating #17 Miami at home 68 -66 this past Saturday but then losing on the road in Blacksburg to Virginia Tech 78 - 75 Monday night.

It has always been a hostile environment for Duke playing at Virginia Tech. EVERY team's fanbase brings their A game when Duke comes to town. They even pull out all the stops knowing they will have a packed crowd when Duke shows up. Virginia Tech even had Rong Niu perform better known as Red Panda for its halftime performance for the Duke game.

The crowd in Cassell Coliseum was on it's A game with Enter Sandman being blasted at 2 times during the game.

And Dariq Whitehead went down with an injury when he tweaked his lower left leg.

Not to mention Kyle Filipowski took a throat punch toward the end of the game and had to throw up and yet no foul was called.

All of this can and did add up for a Duke loss on the road.

I have been to several Duke games in Blacksburg dating back to when JJ Redick was playing. Talk about some of the chants the fans had for him... but that's a story for another day.

In all the Duke games I've seen in Blacksburg I'm guessing it's been about a 50% - %50 win loss ratio maybe a 60% - 40% win in Duke's favor on the road in Blacksburg. So yeah I'm not surprised that Duke lost the game in a hostile environment on the road last night especially with all that happened that's been mentioned above.

I mean you try making a free throw with this atmosphere in the backdrop ⬇️

It was tough loss for Duke. But more important than the loss let's throw some prayers up for Dariq Whitead's injury to be nothing major and for him to have a speedy and good recovery.

Duke is now 14 - 6 with a 5 - 4 ACC record. They now head again on the road to play Georgia Tech Saturday January 31st before having two home games against Wake Forest Tuesday January 31st and the rivalry game against Unc on Saturday February 4th. This will be a tough stretch of games for Duke and will test them.

A lot of fans are expressing their frustrations on Twitter, message boards, etc.. Hey I get it... just be careful how you word things and don't let a sport consume your life.

I remember being that fan (a guy in my 20's) during JJ Redick's time at Duke. I was caught up on every loss and win riding the roller coaster of ups and downs in a season. That will take a toll on you. Now as I'm older I try to look at things not from a game to game perspective but a broader timeline.

This Duke team is young and is now dealing with yet another injury for a player. There's a lot of season left to play.

This team and the coaches have my support this season and the future seasons ahead. If you are one of those fans on the ledge consider stepping back and looking at things from a broader and longer perspective.

K didn't build his legacy of five national championships and become the all time winningest coach in his first few years at Duke. It took time.

It's not even February yet and this Duke team still has time to continue to improve. This isn't college football where every game in the season could make or break you... this is college basketball... where if you can get hot in late February or early March you can make a deep run.

Onto the next game.

The following notables below are from Duke Sports Information.

•  Freshman Kyle Filipowski scored a career and game-high 29 points on 9-of-17 shooting, including 4-of-8 from three-point range and 7-of-9 from the free throw line.

•   Over his four game double-double streak, Filipowski has scored 92 points (23.0 avg) and grabbed 53 rebounds (13.3 avg). He has 10 double-doubles this season.

•   Duke trailed by seven at the half, 45-38, but out-scored VT in the opening minutes of the second half to take a five-point lead at 58-53 with 13:47 remaining.

•   Virginia Tech regained a five-point lead, 72-67, with 6:00 remaining, but Duke pulled even again at 75-75 with 38 seconds left thanks to a Tyrese Proctor three.

•   Duke held a 30-27 rebounding advantage, including a 9-5 edge in offensive rebounds. It marks the 16th time in 20 games this season that Duke out-rebounded an opponent.

•   Duke is now 13-3 this season when out-rebounding the opponent and 11-3 with an advantage in offensive rebounds.

Jon Scheyer opening statement after the Duke loss to Virginia Tech.

And if I even need to say it... yes it's still a big event for another team to beat Duke at their house. See for yourself ⬇️

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