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Jon Scheyer - Cool, Calm, and Collected - 2022 ACC Tip-off

The 2022 ACC Tip-off finished up yesterday. After sitting in listening to the main stage interviews as well as the breakout session interviews with coach Scheyer and the players, I got the sense that Jon is more than ready to lead the Duke Basketball program after the Krzyzewski era.

As the media swarmed the table Scheyer was at for the break out sessions and hammered him with question after question, Jon handled every question cool, calm, and collected.

Scheyer talked about coach Hubert Davis and mentioned how it wasn't always smooth sailing with ups and downs for first year coach Davis last season but he stuck with it. Scheyer mentioned he plans on sticking with it (if his season has ups and downs) no matter what.

Scheyer went on to talk about how the focus of his team will be defense first. "It starts with defense for us.. we can be a really elite defensive team."

The media continued to ask Jon questions about his first year as head coach at Duke. Jon stated he knows the job is a challenge and that he did not sign up for something that will be easy. He recognized the noise that constantly surrounds the Duke Basketball program but knows he needs to stay in the moment and not worry about what he can't control.

As I observed coach Scheyer answer question after question from the media, I could see he was ready for the challenge of being the successor after Coach K to lead Duke Basketball.

Check out our videos below from the ACC Tip-off as Jon Scheyer answers questions from the media during the break out sessions about being head coach for Duke, hiring Jai Lucas to his coaching team and more.. Also below we have videos from the break out sessions as Jacob Grandison answered questions from the media as well as some pictures from the 2022 ACC Tip-off.

Jon Scheyer talks to the media.

Jacob Grandison talks to the media.

Pics from the 2022 ACC Tip-off

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