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Hangover from the UNC blowout win catches Duke at home vs UVA

Okay, so the title of this article may or may not be true. One will truly never know I guess. College basketball can have its ups and downs for a team during a season. Duke may have been still riding that emotional high of a beatdown of UNC by 20 points in Chapel Hill from Saturday coming into Monday. I know as a fan and media guy who was at both of these games.. I was still feeling that emotional high of the Duke win over UNC from Saturday. However, Duke has always been prepared by Coach K to be ready for the next game.

That pesky Virginia defense held Paolo Banchero to a season low 9 points in this game. Mark Williams led all scorers for Duke with 16 points and Trevor Keels brought in 12 points but it still wasn't enough to get the win over Virginia. Virginia led at halftime 34-29 over Duke. It just felt like Duke was out of sync and never able to make and maintain a run over Virginia. The game came down to the wire as Reece Beekman a Virginia guard hit a three-pointer with 1.1 seconds left. Up next Paolo Banchero threw up a prayer for Duke as his deep fadeaway attempt hit the side of the backboard as the time ran out. Virginia got the win over Duke by a score of 69 - 68. Duke now heads on the road for its next 2 games with the first game this coming Thursday against Clemson.

Trevor Keels talk to media after Duke loss to Virginia 2/7/22

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