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Duke vs Unc - The Rivalry Experience

It's been a while since I've updated the blog. As always head on over to Twitter @DukeReport and @Skeelow22 for more up to date information on the current season. With that said, I finally took the time to create a short movie (around 20 minutes) giving an inside look back on the Duke win over Unc from February 4th. The short movie contains pics and video clips from Krzyzewskiville, from press row in Cameron, from the locker room, and from the bonfire after the win. Duke vs Unc is THE rivalry game and a bucket list item for many fans. Ten years ago, I bought a ticket and attended this game as a fan. I created a short movie from that experience. (To see that short movie check out the blog post "Throwback - Duke vs Unc The Fan Experience 2013" before this post.) Ten years later I found myself working this game at Cameron Indoor Stadium for the first time.

Below is my short movie looking back on the Duke win over Unc from a media point of view. It was so loud in Cameron during this game that my iphone had trouble picking up the sound as you will be able to tell when the sound levels go in and out in this video. It is that intense and that loud when Duke plays Unc. It is THE rivalry game. I hope you enjoy.

March and March Madness is almost here! March Madness is one of my favorite topics to blog about. Check back here soon as we will have two blog posts. One that focuses on the March Madness Effect and its impact on fans, the workplace, etc.. and the other on How to Throw a March Madness Party. When I'm not working the NCAA Tournament, I've been known to throw some epic March Madness parties. I'll share details on how to throw a good party in an upcoming blog post.

Thanks again for checking out the blog and look for more creative content coming soon.

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