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Duke Football Bowl Projections - Week 8

We are back with Week 8 Bowl Projections from Brian Kennedy of Duke Football Talk and myself. Duke beat NC State at home in Wallace Wade Stadium this last Saturday night by a score of 24 - 3. Duke is now 5 - 1 and travels on the road to Tallahassee this coming Saturday to play an undefeated Florida State in yet another night game for Duke. Below are our bowl projections for week 8.

Brian Kennedy of Duke Football Talk - Section 17 Podcast

Duke is back to their winning ways, and it could not come at a better time. With their convincing 24-3 win over the Wolfpack, Duke has started ACC play 2-0 for the first time since 2015. Throw in Louisville getting upset by Pitt last week, and the Blue Devils are now firmly in 3rd place in the ACC Standings. This week will be one of the biggest tests for this Blue Devils this season as they head down to the land of the Seminoles to take on FSU.

A win over the Seminoles would place Duke 2nd behind Chapel Hill College, and would get them one step closer to Charlotte and the ACC championship. With that being said, last week I had the Blue Devils in Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl. With the win last weekend against NC State, and Louisville being upset, I have Duke heading back to sunny Orlando, Florida to eat some of those golden microwavable pastries.....The Pop Tarts Bowl

Freddie Hodges of Duke Report

Brian said it best above, I'm not sure I even need to post lol!

What a win against NC State with the Duke defense holding them to 3 points. Also we had more ACC chaos with Louisville being upset by Pittsburgh. Looking at the overall standings Florida State and North Carolina are the only 2 undefeated teams left in the ACC. For ACC standings, Florida State, North Carolina and Duke are still undefeated in ACC play. At this time, the potential to play in the ACC Championship game as well as a top tier bowl is very much in consideration for Duke.

With the win over NC State I also have Duke heading south to Florida and am also switching from my pick last week of the Gator Bowl to now having Duke land in the Pop Tarts Bowl in Orlando, Florida.

As Brian stated above, Duke has a big upcoming game against #4 ranked FSU on the road this Saturday for yet another night game with a kick off at 7:30 PM. A Duke upset win in Tallahassee over FSU would potentially shake up the bowl projections.

These bowl projections are always fluid from week to week throughout the season. Check back here at the blog next week as our bowl projections may or may not change depending on the outcome of the Duke vs FSU game as well as other games across the college football landscape.

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