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Duke Football Bowl Projections - Week 7

We are back with Week 7 Bowl Projections from Brian Kennedy of Duke Football Talk and myself. Duke Football had a bye week last week which came at the perfect time due to the injury to Riley Leonard. Duke is playing at home this upcoming weekend against NC State with an 8:00 PM kickoff. Below are our bowl projections for week 7.

Brian Kennedy of Duke Football Talk - Section 17 Podcast

Welcome to Coastal Calamity! Wait....that isn't a thing anymore. Still, things are already shaking up in the ACC. Louisville is on top of the standings, Miami fumbled away a potential shot at Charlotte (vindication 8 years later), and UNC is unfortunately the team everyone thought they would be. Throw in a 2 loss Notre Dame team now firmly out of CFP talk, and you have some madness in play as far as trying to project bowl games. Fortunately for Duke, they were on the BYE and were not really affected by last week's outcomes. Duke is currently 4th in ACC standings and are looking to get back to their winning ways against NC State. Regardless of the outcome, Duke's bowl destination could be shaken up. With that being said, I still have Duke in sunny Jacksonville, FL for the Gator Bowl. I will also be watching some of the other games as well, as the outcome of those games could change Duke's bowl location as well.

Freddie Hodges of Duke Report

Duke is coming off a bye week while this past weekend was a wild one in the Atlantic Coast Conference. I did not think Louisville would beat Notre Dame and I don't think anybody saw the Georgia Tech upset over Miami happening in the last minute with what will easily go down as one of the dumbest calls ever seen in football by Miami head coach Mario Cristobal. And even I will admit... North Carolina has started the season very strong and is a lot better than I thought they would be. With that said, my bowl projection is changing for Duke after the bye week. I don't have Duke in the Holiday Bowl anymore. I now have Duke heading south again but this time to Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl. Along with Duke vs NC State, there are some good ACC games happening this coming weekend. Check back here next week as my bowl projection for Duke Football could change again depending on how the upcoming weekend of college football shakes out.

These bowl projections are always fluid from week to week throughout the season. Check back here at the blog next week as our bowl projections may or may not change depending on the outcome of the Duke vs NC State game as well as other games across the college football landscape.

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