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Blue Devils Blog - ACC Bowl Projections

These projections are for entertainment purposes only.  I do not have any inside information.  It's all fun and guessing with these projections.

With that said I did put some thought into these projections.  However, with the Duke Football projection, I went with my heart somewhat more so than my mind.

So here we go.  Here is Blue Devils Blog very first annual ACC Bowl Projections. ⬇️

Orange Bowl - Clemson - Yes I think Clemson beats UNC and heads to the Orange Bowl.

Cheez-It Bowl - FSU

Gator Bowl - Notre Dame - I think the Gator Bowl will take Notre Dame.  Do I think they belong here?  No.   But does the ACC always give Notre Dame what they want?  Yes.

Holiday Bowl - UNC - I think UNC then  heads out west to the Holiday Bowl.

Duke’s Mayo Bowl - NC State - It makes sense that they take North Carolina State.  We know their fanbase will  easily travel to this game.   However, with that said… I think Duke’s Mayo Bowl is missing out on a huge opportunity if they don’t choose Duke football.  I mean Duke football in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.. does it get any better than that from a marketing standpoint?!

Louisville- Sun Bowl - This is one I feel like I could easily be off on.  I think Duke has a good chance of landing here.  Some of the media projections have Duke landing here.  But… I went with my heart on Duke so I don’t have Duke heading out here for this bowl.

Pinstripe Bowl - Pittsburgh - this one just looks like a good fit.

Military Bowl - Duke - As I have mentioned already, I went with my heart over my mind on this one.  I do think it is a good fit for Duke.  I believe more Duke fans would  travel to the Military Bowl (including myself) vs out west.  It’s just around 4 and 1/2 hours drive from Durham to Annapolis making it a perfect bowl site as far as travel goes  (if we can’t get Duke’s Mayo).

Fenway Bowl - Wake Forest - This is another one I'm not so sure about.  But I don’t “think” Syracuse exam schedule will allow them to land here so I’m going with Wake Forest.

Gasparilla- Syracuse - Since I put Wake Forest in the Fenway Bowl.. I’m putting Syracuse here.

But let me say something about this bowl.. if it was up to me this is where I would want Duke to land from a selfish standpoint.   A bowl game in Tampa with a hotel room looking over Clearwater Beach for a few days = yes please.

Well if you have read this far, then you have made it to the end of my ACC bowl projections. 

After waking up Sunday mornings after Duke football games and checking different media sites bowl projections.. I now think I would like a full-time job just predicting bowl projections.   It’s been fun. I would even start on the 2023 projections tomorrow. 😂👍🏼

Duke fans will know soon enough which bowl Duke is going to. Duke is schedule to make its 15th bowl appearance.  Bowl announcements will be released this Sunday December 4th.

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