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BDB Top 10 Questions with Steve Show of Duke Blue Brotherhood Message Board

With it being the offseason and things being somewhat slow in the sports world for college basketball and football, I decided to do a new series of short articles focusing on people who help spread our love of Duke Basketball and Duke Football. These people may be former players, people working behind the scenes for Duke sports, people in the media, podcasters, developers of sports message boards, as well as other creative content creators. One thing they all will have in common is their love for Duke sports.

My first guest and first article will focus on Steve Show, a friend I have known for several years. Steve and I met on a Duke sports message board several years back and long before Twitter and Facebook were ways of getting sports information. Since that time Steve has created The Duke Blue Brotherhood website/messageboard.

This is a great message board to go talk about Duke Basketball and Football as well as other topics with die hard Duke fans. There are some legendary posters on this messageboard who have brought and continue to bring great conversation on Duke sports.

What I really like about the Duke Blue Brotherhood message board is that it has a complete focus on sports and friends. The mods keep it clean from politics and issues that seem to pollute other sports message boards, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

You can join the Duke Blue Brotherhood message board knowing it is a website with a focus on Duke sports.

With that said, let’s get down to talking with Show. Below is Blue Devils Blog Top 10 Questions with Show of the Duke Blue Brotherhood message board.

BDB - Tell us about the Duke Blue Brotherhood message board. What year was it formed? How did you come up with the idea for it?

Show - The Board was formed Mid April of 2020. Myself and 10 other posters at another forum had been posting there for many, many years and grew increasingly more and more tired of posters focusing on belittling other posters, arguing random topics such as politics and just overall disrespect for newer posters or less informed ones. We had actually begun to communicate in a group text more than the board due to these issues. One day, it just hit us. Let’s create something better! Let’s create a private Duke Forum that can be 100% moderated to be for the REAL Duke fans. Let’s flood it with the posters we know who are really connected to Duke athletics. Who have a true love for Duke. With good, solid folks who are respectful of others and not interested in degrading others and trash talk. Sure , it sounded impossible. To our astonishment, it exploded into something truly amazing . Today, it’s a Duke fans fantasyland chock full of incredible videos, Podcasts, recruiting info and Duke athletics discussion by incredible people every day . It’s become an actual family of sorts. If you love Duke Basketball, it’s a necessity!

BDB - How long have you been a fan of Duke basketball or Duke sports?

Show - I’ve been a fan for almost 40 years now.

BDB - Who would be your all time starting 5 for a Duke Basketball team?

Show - I’m taking Hurley, Jason Williams, Laettner, Battier and Zion.

BDB - What is your top 3 Duke Basketball moments or games?

Show - Well, Number 3 would be the 1992 Championship win. Getting the BACK TO BACK victory was an amazing feat and my GOD what a Rockstar team that was. They were just so effortless in many victories. So powerful. And of course this feat is so incredibly rare in the world of college basketball.

#2 would be K’s first Championship in 1991. The monkey was finally off our back and I celebrated with reckless abandon! To see K’s emotion was just epic for me. So deserved.

#1 The UNLV game. I’ve simply never been more pumped over a victory, in fact , I watched at a UNC buddy of mine's house and literally ripped a ceiling fan out of the ceiling. That UNLV team had destroyed everything in it’s path for two years running, crushing teams by 20 and 30 points at a time. They crushed us the year before and it simply looked to be an impossible feat. That win was legendary. I’ve never felt more emotion over a game than that, “The Shot” was close, but still. This was the one for me.

BDB - We both are friends with a lot of posters on the Duke Blue Brotherhood message board. Who would be your Top 5 - 7 posters from the board?

Show - The DBB seriously, has some of the most genuinely good people I have ever met. It’s not a board, it’s a family. And when you join there, it really doesn’t take long for you to realize. I’ll call out a few legends in no particular order.

RetiredSoldier - I hit on him first because truly, he was the inspiration for me to build the DBB. He is as good of a man as you will ever know. His passion for Duke athletics is legendary and this man has recruiting connections that literally keeps us in the know WAY before anyone else out there has a clue. He almost never misses and some of his offerings are so juicy on behind the scenes stuff it’s almost a must to hear from him early in the season. Great intel!!

OldasDirtDevil - If you were to join the Duke Blue Brotherhood for no other reason than to see this man’s Duke Memes and custom made videos, you’d be doing yourself a favor. He is as kind and friendly of a man as you will ever know and loved by all at the DBB. He is the power behind the curtain for all things designed at our board. You can but think it and he makes it happen. I am so blessed to be able to call him friend. When you join the DBB, on the “LET’S TALK DUKE BASKETBALL” Forum, be sure to find the thread titled “The Perfect Town aka Duke City” , If your heart is all about Duke, well, this is going to stir your emotions to the core. And he has so many other incredible offerings here.

Skysdad - This ol’ silver haired gentleman has been around forever and loves Duke Basketball with every fiber in his body. Many of his posts are sometimes unclear to newer posters as he is always referring to things posted in the past with his dry humor and wit.

DukefanKY - Worlds biggest Duke fan living smack dab in the heart of Kentucky! Goes to the store, golf course, or out on the lake in full Duke gear and Dares them to challenge ! Great poster and friend to all here. Often kicks up a friendly contest and the winners are mailed Duke type prizes! DukefanKY is REAL. He is a great great asset to our board and will help you any way he can. Heart of gold.

Krunkjuice - Krunk is an amazing contributor to our board. He updates us with all things Duke in the NBA and his info on recruiting and really the entire world of Duke is fast and fresh ! He finds things you just want to thank him for posting all the time.

Dukehokie - Dukehokie and Timo head up the 5 POINT PLAY PODCAST , which we sponsor each year and keep them a board open where you can listen to all their present and past shows. These guys have a “tell it like it is” show and their predictions are almost always spot on ! On a side note, Adrian, his real name, has become an incredible friend to me and he is as good and genuine of a person as you will ever meet.

SgtDuke - SgtDuke is our oldest poster at 79 years old. His mother is still alive and just celebrated her 98th birthday! She is a HUGE Duke fan and her stories that he shares with us are legendary.

BDB - Which player are you most excited about watching on the 2022 - 2023 Duke Basketball team?

Show - Gotta be Dariq . I think something special is heading our way with him. This kids confidence with the “smooth” he lays out there excites me. But I also cannot WAIT to see Lively and Filipowski work!

BDB - Us “OG” posters are well aware of your epic ACC parties you hosted in the past. Can you tell us some details about what the ACC party was?

Show - Hahaha! Yes in the past I’ve thrown some epic parties during the ACC Tournament . Many posters met me here. I live on the coast so I showered them with seafood. The last one included a 100 pound pig picking, 4 bushels of steamed Cedar Island Oysters, Grilled Mahi, 5 gallons of homemade downeast clam chowder, 75 BBQ’d chicken quarters, a couple of kegs of home brew and many sides and desserts. All gone by 7:30 pm!!!!!

BDB - Is there a funny story you care to share from the epic ACC parties?

Show - Well. In the middle of one, a friend of mine showed up with a wrapped package. He said my friend Doug (a UNC fan) couldn’t make it this year but wanted to send me “a gift” for the party. He handed me the package and surrounded by about 120 people, I opened it to find a very expensive Tyler Hansbrough Jersey and a very nice Embroidered UNC hat. All my friends laughed and joked, the Duke friends of course moaning and my Heel buddies laughing, cheering and finally BEGGING me to give them the UNC gear. A few of them even offered me cash for the items. I ended up burning the jersey and hat in front of them. My unc buddies moaned and my boys keyed up in loud unison the “LETS GO DUKE !” chant. It made an epic video.

BDB - What are your expectations for Scheyer’s first year as head coach?

Show - I think Jon is going to be the perfect ingredient for the new look of college basketball. He’s already proven to be an incredible recruiter and I love his enthusiasm and his past as a National Champion. Many have said Duke will skid with the loss of Mike Krzyzewski but I am of the opinion Duke will hold firm. I would not be surprised to see Jon in a Final Four if not a Championship game in his first 3 or 4 years.

BDB - Last but not least, who is your most disliked sports team?

Show - No self respecting Duke fan would answer this question with anything other than UNC. And they’ll be an incredibly tough out this coming season with all those returning starters.

Blue Devils Blog would like to thank Show for being our first guest on our new series of BDB Top 10 Questions. Look for more articles with guests in the near future.

Be sure to join in on the fun over at the Duke Blue Brotherhood message board and talk Duke sports.

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