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An Inside Look at Working a Duke Basketball AWAY Game

I had previously wrote a quick article along with a Youtube video showing an inside look of what it's like to work a Duke Basketball game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. You can scroll down this blog to see that post.

This post will give you a look of what it's like to work a Duke Basketball Away game.

Duke fans already know that when Duke travels to another college to play an away game whether it's an out of conference game or an ACC game, it is their Super Bowl. You can bet that other teams mark it on the calendar when Duke comes to town. The marketing teams for those colleges take advantage of this knowing full well it will be a sell out or packed out game for them. For example in Blacksburg, I have seen Virginia Tech give out t-shirts to the fans before the game. The fanbases get hyped up when Duke Basketball comes to town and usually provide an electric atmosphere in hopes that their team pulls off the win over Duke.

For a Duke Basketball player EVERY road game is a test because they know they will get that fanbase A game. The fans of these college basketball teams may not bring it every game... but they will when Duke shows up.

The video below is a collection of pictures and short video clips showing an inside look of what it's like working a Duke Basketball Away game. This was from the Duke win over Virginia (65 - 61) at John Paul Jones arena on February 23, 2022.

I hope you enjoy this short video during this offseason. I look forward to bringing more unique content for the upcoming 2022 - 2023 Duke Basketball season.

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